Stock Algorithms: What Is Algorithmic Trading

One of the most common mistakes of trading is allowing your emotions to dictate your decisions. On the other hand, a clear set of rules allows a trader to stop reactive trading and start proactive trading with structure and exact procedures. Algorithmic trading can help reduce human error in your day trading strategies. In fact,[…]

Scalping Trading Strategies

There are several strategies that traders use for trading securities, such as scalp trading, day trading, and swing trading. Finding the best style that suits your personality and financial position is extremely critical to be successful. Here’s what you need to know about scalp trading and a few basic scalping trading strategies. What is scalp[…]

Swing Trading Vs Day Trading Strategies

Many active traders monitor short-term stock movements and seek to profit by utilizing a short-term trading strategy. Here are the fundamental differences between swing trading and day trading strategies to help you choose the best trading technique for you. Swing Trading Vs Day Trading: Basics Each short-term trading style has its own success rate, advantages,[…]

Momentum Day Trading Strategies to Get Your Feet Wet

When you’re just starting out with day trading, you’re doing all you can to learn about this fascinating way to make money, whether it’s researching online or reading the best day trading strategy books. For instance, you know that day trading is about making money off small price movements in highly liquid currencies and stocks,[…]

Top 3 Best Day Trading Strategy Books for Beginners

You’re new to investing, and you want to know what it will take to earn enough money to be financially secure throughout the rest of your life. You’re determined to figure out ways you can earn cash on the side – or perhaps take on a whole new career – as an investor. One route[…]

Day Trading Success Rate: How Much Do Day Traders Make?

As someone who wants to get involved in investing and start building real wealth, day trading intrigues you. You’ve seen day traders in the movies and on TV, and it looks like they lead pretty glamorous – albeit stressful – lives. You want to know how you can get in on day trading for a living, or at least[…]