3 Keys to Interpreting Chart Patterns and Day Trading Strategies

You’ve just started on your investment journey. While you’re excited at the possibility of investing in stocks for the long-term, you also want to know the methods for making money right away. You’re excited at the prospect of taking on day trading.   The most successful day traders have years of experience and thorough analysis they can[…]


The #1 Rule of Day Trading According to 3 Financial Gurus

As a new investor, you hope to begin day trading to boost your portfolio. You know that it can lead to high returns and be an exciting way to make money for you today and in the future. Using effective day trading strategies can get you to where you need to go financially.   The key is to utilize day trading strategies that actually[…]


Best Day Trading Strategies for Risk-Averse Investors

Day trading, which is the buying and selling of securities that happens within a one-day time frame, is one of the riskier ways to make money. Instead of investing in secure stocks for the long-term, traders are making decisions based on small price fluctuations that occur during a short timeframe.   The markets are open from 9:30[…]


6 Day Trading Strategies for When You’re Short on Time

Day trading is one of the most exciting ways to invest and make money. It’s a short-term investment strategy that allows you to quickly go in, trade, increase your funds, and exit as soon as you’re satisfied with the results.   The buying and selling of securities within one trading day usually happen on the stock market[…]


Day Trading 101: Key Strategies & Terms

Day trading refers to the act of buying and selling securities over the course of a single day. Seasoned day traders make small incremental gains by capitalizing on fluctuations within the market over the course of a one-day period. These small, daily gains can add up to a substantial profit over time.     Although it can sometimes be considered risky to day trade, there are several day trading[…]


Tips for Picking the Right Stocks for Swing Trading

Swing trading strategies can result in consistent profits, but only if you know how to pick the right stocks. Swing trading has become increasingly common because of predictable price action, but you don’t want to make an incorrect guess. At first, swing trading might look scary. However, it comes with certain benefits, which I’ll describe[…]


Common Types of Algorithmic Trading Strategies

To understand algorithmic trading strategies, you must first understand how large orders impact the market. When an investment firm or brokerage makes a huge order for shares in a stock or another security, everyone else takes note, which means that the order can artificially influence the market. It’s just like a consumer market. If you[…]


Swing Trade Stocks: A Starter Kit

When you’re an investor, you want as many opportunities to profit as possible. Learning how to swing trade stocks gives you another tool in your toolbox. Maybe you’ve already tried day trading strategies, but you want to expand your knowledge base. Or perhaps you’re interested in day trading and swing trading at the same time.[…]


Can Intraday Trading be Profitable?

In many corners of the internet, intraday trading and day trading have become confused. I’m here to clear it up. But first, I want to tell you that, yes, intraday trading strategies can absolutely result in profits. In fact, I’ve used them numerous times. What’s important to understand is that intraday trading is much different[…]


How to Perform a Stock Market Analysis in 7 Steps

Stock market analysis sounds like a complicated process, and it is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t master it. After all, I don’t come from a background in the finance industry. I stumbled upon my own day trading strategies while working as a chemical engineer. If I can do it, you can do it. However,[…]