What Is the 10-Minute Millionaire Pro Program?


My name is D.R. Barton, and it took me three decades to put together The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro program. I’m extremely proud of it, but I also understand that people might have questions about what the program can actually do for them.

The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro sounds a little too good to be true, right? I mean, how can anyone become a millionaire in 10 minutes?

You can’t. Well, you probably can’t. But you can become a millionaire in as few as 10 minutes per week.

That’s the foundation upon which I built The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro program. It’s designed to help you become a better investor without investing — pun intended — too much time. It might take awhile before you see huge profits, but you’ll have followed a system that makes you more likely to profit off every play.

Let’s explore The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro program so you can better understand how it works.

Doubles and Triples


Some investors spend most of their time pocketing $500 here and $1,000 there. That’s fine, but it’s not what the Ten-Minute Millionaire Pro program is all about.

In fact, my goal is to teach you how to double and triple your money.

In fact, one of the primary concepts that drives The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro is doubles and triples. They sound good, right?

They are. They’re opportunities to either double or triple the money you invest in a single play. They don’t happen every day, but I’ve pinpointed dozens of them in a single year. They’re opportunities to massively increase your wealth in a single play.

The concept is pretty simple mathematics.

If you start with $500 in your trading account and you double that money 11 times, you’ll become a millionaire.


See what I mean? Starting with a trading account containing just $500 could make you a millionaire in just 11 plays. But they have to be the right plays.

The money rolls in even faster when you can triple your money. Those plays come along even less often than doubles, but they do exist. It’s my job to find them — then share them with you through The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro program.

Physics in Trading

What do physics and the stock market have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing. Or so you might think.

Let’s back up a second. Stock trading is my second career — and teaching you is my third. I started my professional life as a chemical engineer. I had an excellent handle on chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

But when I tried trading in the stock market, I consistently failed. For a while, I couldn’t pinpoint the problem. Then I realized I needed to use patterns to predict a stock’s future price movement.

I’ll explain that strategy in a second. However, I want to make clear that I’m not a bona fide stock trader. I came into this career hoping to supplement my income, then found I could earn more trading stocks than working as a chemical engineer.

And the Ten-Minute Millionaire Pro program was born.

It all started with the concept of a slingshot.

The Slingshot Analogy

A slingshot acts as a multiplier when it comes to physics. It enables you to “throw” something much farther than you could with your own arm. You pull back on the slingshot and catapult the object.

Some stocks act just like slingshots. A catalyst, such as an announcement about the company, pulls back that slingshot. The stock price catapults as a result of that catalyst and flies much higher than it might have otherwise.

But you can only pull a slingshot back so far. At some point, the rubber or other material has reached its maximum stretch — I call it the “X-point” — and you have to let go. That’s the moment we’re concerned with in The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro program.

It turns out that the slingshot pattern you see when you fire a ball from a stretched piece of rubber also appears in stock charts. In fact, it often appears over and over again in waves.

There’s a catalyst that sends the ball — or, in this case, the stock price — catapulting upward. It might come down, but then it’s going back up again. This is how doubles and triples tend to play out.

After seeing the slingshot pattern, I couldn’t unsee it. And that’s a good thing.

Profiting From Market Extremes

The discovery of the slingshot analogy made me wonder why I was investing in all those companies whose stock prices hardly moved at all. I could profit a few dollars every once in a while, but I’d need to hang onto those shares for years if I wanted a big payday.

That’s too much work for too little money. I wanted profits now, which is what the Ten-Minute Millionaire Pro program is all about.

Here’s the truth: The real money lies in market extremes. An extreme is like when the slingshot reaches its maximum elasticity or when the ball in the slingshot flies 30 times farther than it could have if you’d thrown it.

See what I mean? When you’re able to capitalize on market extremes, you reap much larger profits.

Don’t get me wrong. The stock market is based on a risk-reward analysis. Greater profit potential also means greater risk. However, if you follow my stock tips based on the patterns I’ve identified, you mitigate your risk considerably.

The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro teaches you how to profit from market extremes. Instead of pocketing $100 or $200, you can double or triple your money on these huge swings in stock price action.

Get the Ten-Minute Millionaire Pro Action Alerts

Here’s where it gets really interesting. I can teach you all about physics and the slingshot pattern, but I’m guessing you don’t have time to study for hours each day. You’re probably asking, “How do I find those market extremes?”

You don’t have to if you’re a member of the Ten-Minute Millionaire Pro.

My subscribers get what I call The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro Action Alerts. These alerts come via text or email and let you know when to enter a potentially profitable position. It’s your opportunity to potentially double or triple your investment.

Again, we’re not talking about small gains here. I’m not interested in reaping tiny profits several times a day. I want my money to work harder for me in the stock market, and I assume you do too.

When you receive an action alert, go into your trading account and execute the trade. You’re entering a position by either buying stock or through options trading, and you’re done. If you prefer, call your broker to have him or her make the play.

It’s that simple. No studying charts or watching price movements. Just wait for me to give you the word.

The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro Paycheck Alerts

There are two sides to every trade. You know that, right? You buy or short a stock or buy an options contract. Then you complete the trade by selling, buying back the stock on a short, or executing the option.

I’m a big fan of options trading, but we won’t get too far into the details here. Just know that every trade has two sides. You buy something, which means that money leaves your trading account, and then you sell it.

That’s where The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro Paycheck Alerts come in. This the other half to my action alerts.

When you receive a paycheck alert, it’s time to exit the position. I’ve identified the spot for maximum gains, so if you’re paying attention, you’ll take your paycheck.

The time between action alerts and paycheck alerts can vary significantly. I’ve had them go out within 24 hours of each other, but in other cases, I encourage my subscribers to hold them for longer periods of time. For instance, I’ve sent out action and paycheck alerts 13 days apart that have resulted in 150 percent gains.

Sometimes, the stock market moves incredibly quickly. We see those slingshot patterns I discussed earlier happen rapidly. In other cases, the market moves more slowly, and the slingshot patterns are more widely spaced. They look a little like a child’s drawing of waves in the sea.

Weekly Check-Ins With the Ten-Minute Millionaire Pro

In addition to my alerts, I also have weekly check-ins with The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro subscribers. This is my opportunity to talk directly to you about market news, economic indicators, individual plays, and more.

There’s nothing more valuable than learning from someone you can see. I share with you tons of information you can’t find anywhere else, and you’ll gradually learn how to execute your own plays in addition to the ones I recommend.

I call it the Wealthcast series. In addition to gaining access to future casts, you’ll also get access to the archive. Feel free to watch them all to expand your education and to better understand how The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro program works.

There are also lots of other extras included, from reports and books to your very own log journal and a handy cheat sheet. My goal is to not only tell you when to enter and exit trades, but also how to spot these opportunities on your own.


When I launched The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro program, I had no idea how well it would do or if anyone would be interested in learning from me. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m constantly getting emails and phone calls from The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro program subscribers who want to share how much money they’ve made as a result of my alerts. That feedback makes all the work worth the effort.

I’ve also released other publications to help traders maximize their profits. I encourage you to check out Stealth Profits Trader as well as The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro program. In the former, you’ll learn day trading strategies to maximize profits, and the latter focuses on options trading and other tactics.

I can’t wait to hear from you about your own success!

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